Hi Guys, I was just about to pay for a Brand new car (Range Rover) today when the Inspiration to put this Post on elog-news came to mind.

I can never ever forget what a Friend of mine said to me 8 years ago when I was about to start blogging.

He said:-

Elog, I believe you know Nairaland & Linda Ikeji? Those are the most visited sites. You better get something meaningful to do with your life.

If you open any Website, it’s only your mother and your father that will be visiting the site, and they will only do that out of pity.

Those are the exacts words he said to me back then.How about today? We Thank God, we are not what we used to be. All the Glory be to God. May God bless all the Youths striving to become great in Life

Elog-news.com is one of the 20 Most Visited Website in Nigeria with over 120m+ Pageviews monthly.

Well, this is not one of such post that talks about who tried to water down your Passion or Zeal but a Post to know the Most Painful things people ever told you at one point or the other in your Life.

Now, the Big Question is =

What Is The Most Painful Thing Anyone Has Ever Said To You?

Drop your comments.


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